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Midmark/Ritter M9/M9D/M11 Autoclave Troubleshooting Steps (Current Model)Updated 9 months ago

It is vitally important that the autoclave is being properly operated and maintained on a daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance schedule. If the autoclave is not cleaned regularly, dirt and debris will build up and clog the tubing and solenoid valves. This dirt can also be transmitted to the instruments during sterilization. In addition, a layer of dirt on the stainless steel chamber traps moisture against the metal and will lead to the chamber becoming porous and failing.


Troubleshooting Guidelines

Please follow the steps in the user manual & videos linked below for proper installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting guidelines.


Below are some common issues and where you can find troubleshooting instructions:

  • Installation instructions: pgs. 11-13
  • Operating instructions: pgs. 14-26
  • Maintenance instructions: pgs. 28-34
  • Troubleshooting guide: pgs. 39-40

Instructional Videos

Below are some helpful instructional videos by Midmark that show you how to properly install, operate, and maintain your Midmark/Ritter Autoclave.

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