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Discounts & Promotions Policy

MFI Medical has a team devoted to providing you with the best discounts and promotions. We work with major brands to bring you the lowest sale prices and discounts. You can find current discounts and instructions on how to redeem them on our Discount

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) Policy

MFI Medical is an authorized distributor of national Group Purchasing Organizations and their respective affiliates and sponsors. "What is a GPO?": A Group Purchasing Organization, referred to as a "GPO," is an entity that helps health care providers

Price Match Policy

Our Price Match Guarantee ensures that you get the best possible price on the items we offer. Our team utilizes advanced software to scan the internet and provide you with the lowest prices available, saving you time and giving you confidence that yo

Rewards Program

Earn points with every purchase at MFI Medical! The MFI Members rewards program rewards you for creating an online account and purchasing items on Customers can redeem points at checkout for cash savings. The more you spend, the highe